Saturday, April 23, 2011

Finding Balance

Ok, so it's my busy season at work right now. My day's are spent here

Not a bad place to hang out all day..but it can be stressful during my busy corporate group season....

Add my 3 sons (Brandon 14, Roman 12 and Christian 10) who are amazing young men...but beat the living crap out of each other at times, mostly verbally...but still..they keep me busy!

Add my Etsy shop....which has been doing well..and keeping me busy and happier by the day....

So, how do I find balance? Well, some days its not easy. I try to schedule certain things daily and have lots of lists.....Every morning I wake up to check my Etsy shop,visit my team forums, check my convos, emails, craftcult and then grab my coffee and head to work....That's around 7am...

Once I get to work, I do the same....before I start my busy day......

Finding balance while working can be hard. I am thinking about Etsy, and doing my job at the same time. Detailing corporate events, answering email after email, preparing floor plans, estimates, phone conferences, site tours, planning sessions, lunches with clients, helping out in different departments when needed and the usual office chit chat.

My dream like a lot of yours is to "quit my day job" and focus my full attention on my Etsy shop and my love for our urban backyard farm we've steps....

How do you find balance in your busy life?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Be Out of Order

I love doing my own thing...not following the usual....I guess thats the reason I love a lot of unique vintage. Like creepy dolls...old books....journals, statements, postcards...things that tell a story...Better yet...are a mystery.

Here's a treasury I did to tell different...don't a leader...

What's your idea of "being out of order"?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

FP ! 4.17 9am EST

This hit FP at 9am EST! I was so excited...I really loved this one : )


Friday, April 15, 2011

The Elite Sixteen: Getting to Know You - LeeLeesCloset

The Elite Sixteen: Getting to Know You - LeeLeesCloset: "Week two of our Getting to Know you series has been fantastic! This week I will try to post the majority of the resposes because the questi..."