Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Beginning of Leeleescloset

My vintage adventures started like I'm sure a lot of other vintage sellers did....Yardsales....with my Mom and my Grandmother Doris.  I remember sitting in the backseat of their vehicle, with my little change purse full for the day. I was so excited to see what we'd find, haggle over and eventually come home with to show off.

They taught me the art of negotiating and the "poker" face.  You know the says $10 but you know you can offer less...but how much less?? You don't want to insult them but yet you know they need to get rid of it so they dont have to pack it back up!

The "poker" face started long before Lady Gaga...please....she has nothing on an antique/vintage craving on a Saturday walk up to that special something that you've been looking for and try not to pee your pants with excitement.  You calmly ask them how much it is..look at it like its a piece of crap and that you really dont want it....meanwhile, on the inside you're screaming "I have to have this no matter what!".  Those are the thrills that I seek..

My hope is to bring a little of the past to mingle with the remind people that new is not always best and to bring a story back to life.